Developing Your Wardrobe

Developing and acquiring the proper wardrobe at an early age is an investment in your future.  Your physique, build, and size has no bearing on how you look, the way you present yourself does. Anyone with the proper wardrobe can be the best dressed, any given day.

What many people struggle with is how to acquire their own personal style, which can be a tough process. However, there are a few simple steps that can be taken to develop and obtain a style to call your own.

First things first, you have to realize that dressing well is a necessity for anyone who wants to be successful in a business setting. Once you realize that it will be a much easier process to develop your eye for style.

Secondly, you need to recognize what your style type is. Are you conservative? Flashy? Classic Fit? Slim Fit? These are all questions that you need to answer before acquiring anything.  Developing the correct fit for your physique is key in developing your closet. You can spend all the money in the world on clothes but if they don’t fit properly, let’s just say it’s not a good look. This then leads to acquiring the highest quality for your budget.

There are many different levels of quality of fabrics that can certainly sway the price of a garment when shopping. However, the quality of the garment is not limited to the fabric quality but the size as well. There are plenty of ways of stretching a budget but also maintaining the proper fit.

Now that you have developed your own style and fit, it’s time to start shopping. An important thing to remember when starting this process is, to begin with, the foundation of your wardrobe and build around it. Build a few outfits and then go from there. Two jackets, five shirts, three pairs of pants, two ties, and two shoes allows for 120 different outfit combinations. That’s a solid place to start.

Now that you have your style and foundation, it’s time to start taking some risks. It’s ok to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while with your wardrobe. It is supposed to be a fun process which means you can take some chances. It’s always nice to catch people off guard with a garment. It shows a different side of you that some people around you might not know you had.

The clothes you wear say a lot about who you are. The clothes you wear also determine a lot of your first impressions. According to a Harvard Study of Communications, it only takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression on another human being. So how you look is an enormous part of making a good first impression.

Dressing well is not just beneficial to your future but it’s also fun. It can also be a little difficult at times but that’s why we are here to help. Our clothing consultants and master European tailors create casual, professional and formal garments with timeless appeal and unparalleled quality. So give us a visit and see how we can help you.

What Makes a Cicchini Custom Suit?

The making of a custom suit is an elegant science. No detail is left unfinished, from the thread in the jacket to the buttons on the sleeve. Everything is customized, and everything must be perfect, no exceptions.

When we say perfect this is what we mean. Before any fabric is picked out we take 28 meticulous measurements to ensure that the fit of the garment will be the perfect contour to your physique. Once we have taken the proper measurements, you will be shown to our stately fabric room. This is where the real fun begins. Endless possibilities are available with our one of a kind selection of the finest fabrics from around the world. Everyone has their own style, so we realize the importance of keeping vast variety in stock. Then there is the lining of the jacket, which we also offer an array of options. We also allow the unique treat of picking your own thread, buttons, lapel width, etc. As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless.

Underneath every custom suit, there must be a custom shirt. At this point, some people might be a little overwhelmed and that is totally understandable. This process is a science and luckily, we are equipped with the absolute finest clothiers, stylists, and master tailors to make this process as easy as possible.

However, back to the custom shirt. We will be breaking out the measuring tape

again and taking 13 more careful measurements to ensure that the shirt has the correct fit underneath your jacket. You will also pick out the kind of cuff and collar you would like, as well as, picking the buttons out and thread.

This whole process is not only made easier by our incredible staff, but we also do everything in-house. Nothing is shipped anywhere, we have our own insanely talented master tailors and seamstresses that can make up any garment.

So, there is a lot that goes into the recipe for a custom suit. However, the most important ingredient is you, the customer. Without you, a suit is an empty canvas. You are the paint to our painting, and together we create a timeless art.

Welcome to Cicchini Custom Clothier

G. Bruce Boyer, former editor for GQ and Esquire, once said “Style is what happens when a person bends fashion to his personality.”

Here at Cicchini Custom Clothier we’ve embraced this mindset since 1949 when we first opened. We pride ourselves on our ability to suit our clients in the style that fits them best both in physique and personality. Style is a lot like fingerprints no two people have the same. So, it is important to embrace your own style.

When shopping with us we make sure to go the extra mile to make sure your satisfaction is met. From consultations to at home or in office visits, we make it work. 

Whether you want customized or off the rack, we have what you need. And if we don’t have it in the store we will get it in the store. Your wardrobe is something to take seriously and we certainly do, however, we like to have a little fun along the way.

We guarantee that when you walk down the street in a custom Cicchini suit that heads will turn. With 26 individual and precise measurements taken, the fit will be better than a glove. You also have the ability pick the buttons, collar, cuffs, which can even be monogrammed, the possibilities are endless.

If you don’t need a suit and just are looking for shirts, we have you covered. Our customized shirts are second to none. We take 13 measurements to make sure that the garment fits perfect.

We also offer a large selection of retail clothing from V-neck sweaters, quarter zip sweaters, denim jeans, dress pants, button up shirts, polo shirts, socks, belts, ties, and the list goes on. 

Our shoe collection is also high class but affordable. We offer the best brands in the business. The finest Italian products such as Mezlan, Bugatchi, Bacco Bucci and many more. We also just started carrying the latest in the Cole Haan collection.

What we’re trying to say is that we have everything your wardrobe needs and we don’t stop when it is finished. We are available even after sale for future questions and advice if you need.

So, for your next wardrobe needs come check us, we promise we won’t disappoint. We’re located at 494 South Old Woodward Avenue in downtown
Birmingham, Michigan or give us a call at (248) 646-0535