Cloth Houses


A 22-year-old Jules Dormeuil founded the Dormeuil textile company in 1842. He began importing English fabrics to France and by 1862 headquarters were established in the fashion capitol of the world, France.


Otto Hertz, a clothing merchant and supplier founded Scabal in 1938. Societe Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande Luxembourgeoise, S.C.A.B.A.L, is headquartered in Brussels and now operates as a men’s retailer and manufacturer of suits, jackets, and shirts. You might recognize some of these suits and jackets as they were worn by Marlon Brando in “the Godfather” and Robert De Niro in “Casino.”

Holland & Sherry

Over 170 years ago, Holland & Sherry, began supplying prestigious tailors and luxury brands with the finest cloth available. Holland & Sherry have been the suppliers for wardrobes on movies such as Mission Impossible, Moulin Rouge, to the cast of the English National Opera. Their tradition is over 170 years old but are constantly eyeing the future for the next fashion trend.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is internationally known for the high-quality wool and cashmere products they offer. In 1985 they began sponsoring Italian and international horsemen partnered with the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation. They’re luxury products attract clients of the highest prestige.


Zegna is a family owned Italian Luxury fashion house that makes men’s clothing and accessories. Ermenegildo started the company in 1910 and today is owned by the fourth generation of the Zegna family. In 2003 the company with already a sterling reputation gained more fame with the advertisement featuring Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody. Also the Zegna family looks after the earth we walk on by donating and helping build clean water projects and transportation channels for the Picotani community in Peru.

Ready-Made Products

Robert Graham

New York based luxury men's fashion brand launched in 2001, taking its name from its co-founders, fashion designer Robert Stock and textile designer Graham Fowler. It is known for its use of complicated and colorful fabric patterns, including contrasting patterns inside the cuffs of its shirt sleeves.

St. Croix

Over 50 years ago, Bernhard Brenner a knitting engineer from Europe began his St. Croix collection and his journey to making the “finest sweater ever made.” Today St. Croix remains a cornerstone of the men’s luxury sportswear industry, and is respected around the world for his knowledge, commitment and integrity.


From its very first collection, Bugatchi embraced innovation, elegance and resilience, customizing and designing, throughout the years, masculine fashion for a world that changes fast and where lifestyles are inevitably dictated by new and newer technology.

Today we are proud to be a collection-driven global brand carried by unwavering commitment to style and sophistication, and to offer the essentials of a man's wardrobe in time-honored designs that reflect the ease of elegance at work, on weekends and in between.

Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades is a premium denim line for the modern gentleman who demands comfort and style... with a bit of Jack!



Originated in Almansa, Spain, Antonio Sanchez, the Mezlan company exudes excellence and luxury. Each Mezlan shoe is adorned with its own personality using creativity, balance, honed-skill and passion.

Bacco Bucci

Bacco Bucci shoes are designed and manufactured with casual comfort in mind. Incorporating fresh designs and superior performance features, our Bacco Bucci collection addresses the wardrobe needs of the playful, denim-friendly, street-rugged and resort-leisure lifestyles.

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds has been handcrafting fine welted Made in the USA shoes since 1922. Today, we continue to follow the same 212-step manufacturing process invented by Elbert W. Allen and Bill "Pops" Edmonds when they opened their first factory on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin nearly a century ago.


Since its creation in 1975 Santoni pursued its vision refining the cultural heritage of craftsmanship and Italian excellence. Born with the creation of the haut de gamme shoes laboratory by Andrea Santoni, the brand’s legacy has been handed to his son Giuseppe.

Donald Pliner

The Donald J Pliner Company has built a reputation for its innovative materials and quality craftsmanship in men's and women's luxury footwear and accessories. Since 1989, the brand has been known for the combination of fashion, fit and comfort that embodies every design.

Calzoleria Toscana

Since 1958 and for over two generations, Calzoleria Toscana has been producing high quality genuine exotic shoes in Italy. With a wide seasonal range of styles, from boots, to dress lace up and loafers, drivers and sneakers, Toscana shoes are made to be classy, elegant, and comfortable.