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Learn about the latest trends in men’s fashion and style. Also learn more about the basics of beginning a wardrobe and other aspects of men’s suits.

Tips for Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

With the Winter season in full swing, you will need to make a few adjustments to your wardrobe. Heavier fabrics, muted colors, and unique patterns coincide with lower temperatures.

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It goes without saying that you obviously want to wear heavier fabrics in the winter. However, you will want to pair these heavier fabrics with interesting patterns such as flannels, windowpane, glen check, or houndstooth. These patterns tend to mesh well with softer colors like brown or tan, which also pair with the Fall and Winter Seasons.

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Other colors that work well with the colder seasons are darker shades of blue, red, green, and purple. If you like to spice up your outfits you can opt to brighten up your outfits with some accessories. Pocket squares are a perfect way to brighten up your Fall and Winter outfits. Ties are another great way to show your personality in the colder months.

Another important ally for your fall outfits is a solid pair of brown oxfords. They will be a versatile accessory to add to your Fall and Winter wardrobe. Brown will go with a vast variety of colors and patterns that you will find yourself wearing.

Just as versatile as a solid pair of brown shoes, you will also need a brown, black, or blue wool overcoat. Not only will this provide you with the warmth you’ll desire but will also provide the style you desire.  A well-fitting wool overcoat acts as the shell for an outfit in the colder months so it needs to fit correctly.

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Lastly, but certainly not least, a warm and matching pair of wool, leather, or cashmere gloves will have your wardrobe ready for the Fall and Winter seasons.

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It’s vital to keep your wardrobe up to date as the Winter months tend to drag on. If you have questions or need guidance don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation(248) 646-0535. 

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